Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Panda purse! Erm...wristlet.

This wristlet was made as a gift for a friend who loves giant pandas. It's meant to take to concerts or a night out, so it's small and has a wrist strap instead of a shoulder strap. It has one snap closure on the flap. She likes it, so I'm happy with it! Personally, I wish I had bought more of the lining fabric so I could have made more stuff with it.

Gifting is awesome. You get to make something, then feel good about giving it to someone else. This sewing kit was for a friend who was very, very into Gurren Lagann at the time it was made (pretty sure he still thinks GL is awesome). The kit includes a decoupaged notions tin, wrist pincushion, pin with custom head, and a handy zippered bag in which to carry it all. The drill is appliqued with a little interfacing and a lot of satin stitching.

Cat hat and Tacgnol scarf

I have an unnatural adoration for cute winter accessories, so I made a cat hat to keep my head warm last winter. There was some fleece left over, so I made a Tacgnol scarf for my mom since she's ridiculously amused by Longcat and Tacgnol.

Made October 2009. Blizzard fleece with flannel ear inserts.