Friday, September 9, 2011

For the little things.

Smallish kitty bag for little things that need to be kept close at hand while at the gym. Cotton, heavy interfacing, lined, zip, wrist strap.

Friday, January 28, 2011

No cold necks around here.

It's been really cold in Virginia this winter (well, by VA standards it's been cold), and we even had snow in Christmas Day! So, to keep my neck warm, I've been making scarves out of pretty much anything I can nab. My mom gave me the thoughtful Christmas gift of a certificate to the local yarn shop, so I spoiled myself and bought some baby alpaca in an awesome painted pink color. It's just a bunch of half double crochet, probably three hours worth of work. So, so warm and soft...

I picked up an excellent faux fur remnant from work a few weeks ago, and immediately came home and turned it into a snow leaopard scarf. He has a spring clip for a mouth so I can wear him like a stole (he bites his tail!). Whenever I wear it out, at least one person asks, "Does...that thing have ears?" Yes, yes it does.

As a frequenter of the internet, it's hard not to become familiar with the celebrity of Longcat. After making a tacgnoL scarf last winter, I decided it was high time to make Longcat. I gave him a different face (he gets the classic ASCII forum expression rather than a regular kitty face). The lovely Lauren can be seen modeling Longcat near the end.